Skin tightness - treatments and cures

Why does the skin lose its firmness?

Firmness is determined by the natural characteristics of the skin tissue. It is determined primarily by the presence and activity of the fibroblasts, i.e. the cells responsible for the production of proteins that build collagen, elastin and reticulin fibers. These fibers provide the skin with proper cohesion and elasticity, while collagen fibers, which are resistant to stretching and form the skin’s scaffolding, are responsible for its firmness. Elastin fibres help the skin to retain its shape.

In turn, reticulin fibres effectively support the correct collagen and elastin fibres, creating a delicate mesh that maintains the structures in the dermis in the correct position.

Thanks to collagen and elastin, the skin becomes plastic – it deforms, stretches and adapts to its various conditions.

Fibers undergo constant remodeling, therefore the condition for maintaining skin firmness is due to both: the number of fibroblasts and the efficiency of the process of producing new ones. If fibroblasts do not keep up with production and become less active collagen deficiencies occur, thus reducing skin firmness, causing sagging.

Remember that the sooner you start paying attention to the condition of your skin, the sooner you will be able to avoid the problems. Pay more attention to your diet, eat healthy and opt for a balanced diet. If you can’t deal with it yourself, search for expert advice and schedule a consultation with a nutritionist. Aesthetic medicine and cosmetology have many solutions to help eliminate the problem of lack of skin firmness as well.

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