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Medical consultation Magdalena Pisula, MD

350 zł

Medical consultation other doctors

Medical consultation300 zł

Consultation with dermatoscopy

w zależności od ilości zmian350 - 650 zł

Triamhexal injection

400 zł


Surgical removal of the lesion with histopathological examination

Face (depending on the size of the lesion)700 - 800 zł
Body (depending on the size of the lesion)600 - 700 zł

Laser removal of skin lesions

from 300 zł


from 300 zł

Skin biopsy with hist-pat examination

from 350 zł



Consultation[trans]150zł (bezpłatna przy zabiegu)[/trans]

Medical peelings

Name  Price
Almond Peel 300 zł
Pyruvic peeling300 zł
Glycol Peel300 zł
Azelac sesderma300 zł
Ferulac sesderma400 zł
TCA-LP Peel400 zł
Mini cosmelan650 zł
Mini yellow peel450 zł
Yellow peel800 zł
Perfect Peel1000 zł
Cosmelan1900 zł
PRX T-33 (face)450 złPackage of 3 treatments1200 zł
PRX T-33 (face, neck)650 złPackage of 3 treatments1700 zł
PRX T-33 (face, neck, neckline)800 złPackage of 3 treatments2100 zł

Facial massage

(Relaxation and tranquility)

30 minutes150 zł
Plus ampoule and mask200 zł

Cavitation Piling

Added to another treatment100 zł
With ampoule (Sonophoresis)150 zł
With ampoule and mask220 zł


(Cleansing, conditioning and deeply nourishing the skin)

Face400 zł
Face + neck500 zł
Face + neck + cleavage600 zł

DermaOXY oxygen infusion

(Banquet oxygenation with hydration)

 1 treatment3 treatments
Face380 zł1000 zł
Face + neck480 zł1250 zł
Face + neck + cleavage550 zł1450 zł
Eyes180 zł
Additionally hand treatment100 zł

Forlle’d skin care treatment

 1 treatment
Antioxidant (Vit C)550 zł
Platinum600 zł
[trans] Liftingujący [/trans]650 zł

HI-TECH Cosmetology


(The only original micropuncture with injection of active substances)

 1 treatment3 treatments5 treatments
Face900 zł2400 zł3900 zł
Face + neck1200 zł3200 zł5200 zł
Face + neck + cleavage1500 zł4000 zł6500 zł
Face + PRX1200 zł3200 zł5200 zł
Face + neck + PRO XN xanthohumol1300 zł
Face + Uber peel1100 zł2900 zł4600 zł
Scars/stretch marksod 500 zł
Scalp + growth factors AQ skin solution (+ home ampoule)900 zł4000 zł
Dodatki do zabiegu:
Zabieg połączony z egzosomami ASCE plusdodatkowo 1200 zł
Treatment combined with growth factors AQ skin solutionsadditionally 500 zł
Skóra gówy + czynniki wzrostu4000 zł


(Thermolifting, Zaffiro technology – non-invasive facelift)

 1 treatment3 treatments5 treatments
Face700 zł1900 zł3000 zł
Face + neck900 zł2400 zł3900 zł
Face + neck + cleavage1200 zł3200 zł5200 zł
Other areaspriced individually


(Recognized as a favorite treatment of Hollywood celebrities, unique deep cleansing skin technology)

 1 treatment3 treatments
Face600 zł1600 zł
Face + neck700 zł1900 zł
Face + neck + cleavage900 zł2300 zł
Hands400 zł1050 zł
Additionally chemical peeling GlySaladditionally 100 zł


(Tripolar radio wave, safe and effective body shaping, electrostimulation, fighting skin flabbiness)

 1 treatment4 treatments6 treatments
1 area450 zł1600 zł2300 zł
2 areas650 zł2300 zł3300 zł
3 areas950 zł3350 zł4800 zł
Face450 zł1600 zł2300 zł
Face + neck550 zł1900 zł2660 zł
Face + neck + cleavage650 zł2300 zł3300 zł

ICOONE® Laser Med 2

(Lymphatic drainage – body shaping, firm and elastic skin, reduction of cellulite and swelling)

 1 treatment10 treatments15 treatments
30 minutes350 zł3150 zł4600 zł
40 minutes400 zł3500 zł5100 zł
50 minutes450 zł4100 zł5950 zł
60 minutes500 zł4600 zł6700 zł
20 minutes drainage280 zł2500 zł3600 zł


(Acoustic wave, the most effective cellulite slayer on the market with additional skin firming effect)

 1 treatment5 treatments10 treatments
1 area450 zł2000 zł3800 zł
2 areas650 zł2850 zł5500 zł
3 areas850 zł3750 zł7200 zł

ICOONE for the face

(Reduction of swelling and gentle lifting)

 1 treatment10 treatments15 treatments
30 minutes300 zł2650 zł3900 zł

ILOODA VELUX® Laser Hair Removal

(Innovative hybrid laser for extremely effective and comfortable body hair removal)

 1 treatment4 treatments6 treatments
Upper lip200 zł750 zł1050 zł
Chin/Back250 zł900 zł1300 zł
Neck/cheeks300 zł1100 zł1600 zł
The area between the eyebrows150 zł500 zł800 zł
Whole face450 zł1600 zł2400 zł
Whole face + neck500 zł1800 zł2600 zł
Underarms250 zł900 zł1300 zł
Neck300 zł1100 zł1600 zł
Abdomen400 zł1400 zł2100 zł
Women's chest250 zł900 zł1300 zł
Men's chest450 zł1600 zł2400 zł
Women's back400 zł1400 zł2100 zł
Men's back500 zł1800 zł2600 zł
Bikini275 zł1000 zł1450 zł
Men's bikinis450 zł1600 zł2400 zł
Bikini brazylijskie damskie375 zł1300 zł2000 zł
Men's brazilian bikini550 zł1900 zł2900 zł
Gluteal crevice225 zł800 zł1200 zł
Buttocks300 zł1100 zł1600 zł
Knees225 zł800 zł1200 zł
Calves400 zł1400 zł2100 zł
Thighs500 zł1800 zł2600 zł
Whole legs800 zł2800 zł4200 zł
Feet200 zł750 zł1050 zł
Arms300 zł1100 zł1600 zł
Forearms300 zł1100 zł1600 zł
Hands200 zł750 zł1050 zł
Whole female arms400 zł1400 zł2100 zł
Whole male hands600 zł2100 zł3150 zł

Aesthetic medicine


Consultation with Dr Magdalena Pisula (free of charge with the procedure)350 zł
Other doctors consultation (Free of charge with the procedure)300 zł

Botulinum toxin

One area800 zł
Two areas1400 zł
Three areas1800 zł
Gummy smile500 zł
Bruxism1800 - 2000 zł
Underarm/hand/foot hyperhidrosis2000 - 2500 zł
ABO Liquid (treatment with Aluzzience neuromodulator)od 900 zł

Hyaluronic acid

Modelowanie ust dr Magdalena Pisula1800 zł
Lip shaping1500 zł
Valley of tears1400 zł
Nasolabial furrows1400 zł
Marionette wrinkles1400 zł
Chin contouring1400 zł
Volumetric procedures2800 zł
Nose reshaping1400 zł
Volift / Volbella1600 zł
Voluma / Volux1600 zł

Platelet rich plasma PRP ANGEL SYSTEM®

(Unique technology for obtaining growth factors, most concentrated plasma available, effect after the first treatment)

One area (scalp, face, neck, décolleté, hands)2600 zł
Another area performed during the same visit500 zł


Profhilo 2ml1500 zł
Profhilo Body 3ml1800 zł3200 zł (2 zabiegów)
Restylane Skinbooster - Vital/Vital light 1 ml1000 zł2650 zł (3 treatments)
Sunekos 200 / Jalupro800zł2100 zł (3 treatments)
Nucleofill1300 zł3400 zł (3 zabiegi)
Pluryal1300 zł3400 zł (3 zabiegi)
Karisma 2ml1500 zł
Linerase Collagen 5ml1300 zł4600 zł (4 treatments)
Sculptra2100 zł
Radiesse 1,5ml2000 zł
Juvelook2500 zł
Tropokolagen Guna 4ml (face, neck, cleavage)1200 zł3200 zł (3 treatments)
Sunekos 12001350 zł3550 zł (3 treatments)
Plinest fast 900 zł
HarmonyCa 1,25 ml 2000 zł
HarmonyCa 2x1,25 ml 3500 zł

Facial mesotherapy

Neuvia Hydro Deluxe 2.5 ml1000 zł2700 zł (3 zabiegi)
Cytocare S-line 3 ml900 zł2400 zł (3 treatments)
Redensity I 3ml1500 zł4000 zł (3 zabiegi)
Juvederm Volite 1ml1600 zł2650 zł - 2 ampoules (2ml)

Mesotherapy of the scalp

 1 treatmentPackage of 3 treatmentspackage of 4 treatments
PRP Angel System2600 zł6800 zł
Hair care/Dermaheal HL500 zł1300 zł
Dr Cy900 zł3100 zł

Radiofrekwencja mikroigłowa

(Micro-needle radiofrequency, lifting and stimulation of deep skin layers, reduction of flabbiness, wide pores, scars)

 1 treatment3 treatments
Whole face1500 zł3950 zł
Face + neck1900 zł4850 zł
Face + neck + cleavage2300 zł6000 zł
Neck1000 zł2650 zł
Neckline1200 zł3200 zł
Neck + décolleté1900 zł4850 zł
Stretch marksfrom 1200 zł
Obszar ciała1600 zł4300 zł

Fractional CO2 laser SMAXEL®

One area2000 zł
Two areas2600 zł
ScarsOd 400 zł
Stretch marksFrom 600 zł
Treatment combined with PRPadditionally 500 zł

LAVIEEN® Tulle laser

(The most advanced technology to fight hyperpigmentation! Reduce wide pores, improve skin texture, babyface effect)

 PricePackage of 3 treatments
One area2000 zł5200 zł
Two areas2400 zł6200 zł
Three areas2800 zł7100 zł
Stretch marksod 1300 zł
Leczenie łysienia laserem tulowymod 600 zł

Alma Dye VL

(Effective against dilated capillaries, erythema, hyperpigmentation)

 PricePackage of 3 treatments
Single capillary300 zł
Face900 zł2400 zł
Neck700 zł1900 zł
Neckline800 zł2100 zł

APTOS threads

Price is determined individually during consultation with a doctorod 2000 zł
Korekta uszu
(nici Aptos)
3 500 zł - 4 000 zł


Blepharoplasty (correction of drooping eyelids)5500 - 6000 zł
Ear correction (Aptos threads)3500 – 4000 zł

Angel System platelet rich plasma

One area (scalp, face, neck, décolleté, hands)2500 zł
Another area performed during the same visit500 zł

AQUAGOLD® – Mesotherapy without bruises

AQUAGOLD® fine touch™1500 zł

Structural fibrin + stem cells

1 treatment1500 zł

Injection lipolysis

Chin600 zł
Other areaprice is set individually


Dissolution of hyaluronic acid administered outside mClinic2000 zł

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Face2950 zł 2600 zł

HYDRAFACIAL + Oxygen infusion


Face840 zł 750 zł


The anti-aging hit! Skin remodeling on all levels, tightening, smoothing, firming, narrowing of pores

Face3500 zł 3200 zł

Special packages

mLift 2.0


3 x Secret RF
3 x Tissue stimulator Nukleoofill
5600 zł 4700 zł


10 x Lymphatic drainage Icoone (40 min)
6 x Acoustic wave Storz (1 partia)
6 x Maximus Trilipo (1 partia)
8700 zł 7200 zł

mBody 2.0

IMPROVEMENT OF SKIN TIGHTNESS + ANTI AGING (e.g. after pregnancy, weight loss)

3 x Secret RF for selected body area
2 x Profhilo Body
6900 zł 5800 zł
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