Dermatology office

Skin disorders have been of interest to physicians since ancient times. History shows that they have been the subject of inquiry of Greek and Roman physicians. The spread of leprosy and plague caused great interest in skin lesions. Early detection of lesions found in acute infectious diseases could determine the fate of an entire community.

Unfortunately, dermatology hasn’t been recognised as a separate science for centuries. Only the birth of pathological anatomy and the use of the microscope opened the way for modern dermatology.

“Review of Skin and Venereal Diseases” (Przegląd Chorób Skórnych i Wenerycznych), a journal founded in 1906, played an important role in the development of Polish dermatology. In February 1920 the Polish Dermatological Society (PTD) was founded in Warsaw.

Nowadays a good dermatologist can help the patient with various problems – what we see on the skin often has a deeper root (e.g. hormonal). Thanks to the great knowledge of dermatologists we can not only treat skin lesions, but also notice other body dysfunctions more quickly.

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