Hi-Tech Laser Therapy

It all started in 1917 when the famous scientist Albert Einstein discovered that it was possible to stimulate atoms to emit light. The first laser beam has shone in 1960.

The first application of laser therapy in medicine took place 40 years ago and since then laser therapy has found a permanent place as one of the diagnostic and therapeutic methods in ophthalmology, aesthetic medicine and cosmetology.

Despite the fact that it is a relatively new method, it is widely recognized and appreciated. All this is due to its effectiveness, painlessness and quick results. Moreover, when performed by a renowned experts, laser treatments have no age contraindications and have proven not to cause side effects.

In aesthetic medicine they help patients around the world to get rid of skin changes, aesthetic defects such as hyperpigmentation, erythema, and also to stop the aging process or body contouring.

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