Forlle’d skin care treatment

Price: from 490 zł Treatment time: 1 hour Anesthesia: no Area: face, neck, hands

Why is Forlle’d treatment so special?

Forlle’d is a Japanese brand of cosmeceuticals, backed by clinical research. One of their solutions has been honored a Nobel Prize in 2002. Their products prevent both – chronological aging as well as photoaging and have the unique ability to deliver important ingredients to the deep layers of the skin in a possibly non-invasive way. Forlle’d scientists have developed and patented a low-molecular hyaluronic acid with skin-essential ionized minerals that are 5nm in size. Their size allows them to cross the skin barrier and reach the deep skin layers, rebuilding hydration from within. This leaves the skin moisturized, smooth and firm.

Skin care treatments using Forlle’d products are an exclusive combination of low-molecular hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed eggshell membrane, biomimetic peptides and ionized materials. The unique complex of low-molecular ingredients actively stimulates cell regeneration, restores skin structure and has a detoxifying effect. The treatment also strengthens the skin’s immunity and protects it from external irritants and allergens.

The Forlle’d brand holds an international patent on a production process of low molecular weight ingredients with clinically proven efficacy and ability to act at the cellular level. The unique active ingredients with such low molecular weight and their combinations work synergistically in the epidermis and dermis to fight skin aging.

Care treatments are selected depending on the patient’s skin needs. They are dedicated for people with the first signs of aging, but also for mature skins that need rejuvenation and regeneration. They are a good solution for dry skin type, and as support for the treatment of hyperpigmentation and erythema. Their strong revitalizing effect is a good addition for before and after aesthetic medicine treatments.

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