Mesotherapy of the scalp

Price: from 500 PLN Treatment time: 30 minutes Anesthesia: no Number of treatments in series: 3 - 7 treatments Intervals: 2-4 weeks Area: sculp

What is mesotherapy of the scalp?

Mesotherapy of the scalp is a method of treating hair loss and improving hairs overall condition. A series of micropunctures and administration of special peptide preparations (e.g. Dr Cy – which contains seven peptides and hyaluronic acid) or platelet rich plasma PRP (which contains several types of biologically active molecules, so-called growth factors) directly into the skin in the vicinity of hair follicles aims to improve microcirculation in the skin and nourish hair bulbs. Thanks to mesotherapy treatments the hair follicle is constantly stimulated, stem cells multiply which results in inhibition of hair loss, strengthening and increasing the thickness of hair. Each visit of a patient with hair loss begins with a thorough examination of the scalp, trichoscopy and laboratory tests. Only after the final diagnosis is made and contraindications are ruled out does the doctor order peptide mesotherapy or platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatments. These treatments are often complementary to drug treatment (in androgenetic alopecia for example).

Dedicated to:

  • Androgenetic alopecia
  • Thin and thinning hair
  • Hair enhancement before and after hair transplantation
  • Combination therapies for excessive hair loss
  • Scalp care

What does the treatment look like?

Mesotherapy of the scalp consists of tiny deep skin injections and administration of active substances or platelet rich plasma (PRP). Micropunctures are performed with a thin needle. The treatment is painless, non-invasive, quick and does not require a period of convalescence. In mClinic the treatment is performed by a doctor or cosmetologist who selects the appropriate preparation depending on the indications. Peptide therapy lasts 2 months and requires 4 sessions at intervals of 2 weeks. The treatment itself takes about 30 minutes. Angel System plasma treatment is performed once a month for 3 consecutive months and then once every 6 months.

The effect?

Stopping hair loss and speeding up hair regrowth. In addition, regrowing hair become stronger, healthier and thicker.

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