What are the types of wrinkles?

Smooth and firm skin is everyone’s dream. Unfortunately, as the years pass, the appearance of marks commonly known as wrinkles is inevitable. Wrinkles are nothing but longitudinal depressions on the skin.

There are two types of wrinkles:

Facial wrinkles – the ones caused by facial movements, and gravitational wrinkles, caused by skin aging and the gravity pull, including sun wrinkles as well.

In order to delay the appearance of wrinkles you should first of all take care of proper skin hydration, and avoid excessive UV radiation, which accelerates the process of their formation. Reducing stress and quiting smoking are equally important.

Nevertheless, time passes and the appearance of wrinkles is inevitable. Fortunately, aesthetic medicine can help, offering numerous treatments that can help stop and eliminate the signs of skin aging.

The upper part of the face is one of the first to age. The skin in this area is thin and exposed to  constant mimic muscle work. First wrinkles appear early, starting at the age of 25. It is worth starting with prevention of the aging process at this age – it will allow you to enjoy the effects of aesthetic medicine longer.

How to get rid of the wrinkles?

Botulinum toxin injections is one of the most effective rejuvenating treatments. This means inhibiting the secretion of neurotransmitter nerve endings within the neuromuscular junctions. The effect of the treatment is “relaxation” of the muscles responsible for wrinkles and smoothing the skin surface of the face, forehead, neck, cleavage, and around the eyes.

Wrinkles are a problem of any age group practically. Genetic predisposition, frequent sunbathing, stress, and low skin elasticity may cause the so-called nasolabial furrows, smoker’s wrinkles, and marionette wrinkles. To get rid of such wrinkles in an effective way we need to fill in the wrinkles using hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite or polylactic acid. These treatments are completely safe. Volumetry, aptos threads and laser treatments, as well as auxiliary cosmetology procedures are also effective in preventing the appearance of wrinkles.

Treatments offered in mClinic:

Botulinum toxin Dye VL Secret RF NIR Thermolifting Fractional CO2 laser Maximus Trilipo
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