Treatment time: 15-30 minutes Number of treatments in series: Prior to every procedure


Aesthetic medicine offers a wide variety of treatments with various applications. It is because of that, why detailed and proper consultation is indispensable, in order to choose the best possible treatment dedicated to specific needs of any given patient.

At mClinic we always make sure that every procedure and treatment is preceded by a detailed interview, led by one of our top experts. During the interview we will discuss all of your expectations, health matters and issues in order to rule out any possible contraindications. Every patient gets their individual treatment plan alongside a strictly defined schedule.

The main aim and purpose of aesthetic medicine is to improve the quality of your life. Your health and wellbeing are our highest priority. We assure you that at mClinic, you will be under the cautious care of the best experts, each with many years of experience in the beauty industry.

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