Price: from 300 zł Treatment time: 15 - 60 minutes Anesthesia: no Number of treatments in series: 1 treatment Intervals: 1 time per year Area: any

What is dermatoscopy?

Dermatoscopy is a non-invasive method of examining the skin, nevi and mucous membranes, as well as the scalp and nails. It has significantly contributed to the increase of efficiency in skin lesions diagnostics. A special magnifying glass – the dermatoscope –  is used for the examination – it allows for a quick diagnosis and helps to make a faster decision whether to remove the suspicious skin lesion or nevus.

Thanks to this examination we can see skin structures that are invisible to the naked eye. In the case of pigmented nevi the sensitivity of the method reaches almost 95%, which means that we can qualify suspicious lesions for removal very easily. The only chance to cure skin cancer or melanoma is an early diagnosis. The procedure is fast, painless and safe.

Dermatoscopy is nothing more than an examination of nevi, such as pigmentation or moles. The dermatoscope allows us to have multiple magnifications and an accurate diagnosis. With its help, the doctor checks the condition of the nevi on the skin in detail and is able to determine whether they are harmless or should be surgically removed – thus undergoing histopathological examination for cancer cells. Dermatoscope gives a magnification of few to several times the size, the lighting gives a three-dimensional image, so we are also able to see the deeper layers of the skin.

Thanks to dermatoscopy we are able to detect all cancerous lesions, especially melanoma – malignant skin cancer. Fast diagnosis and detection of changes at an early stage, allow us to lead patients to full recovery.

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