Chemical peels

Price: from 250 zł Treatment time: 30 minutes Anesthesia: no Number of treatments in series: 1 - 6 treatments Intervals: approx. 2-4 weeks Area: face, body

What are medical peels?

A chemical peel is a treatment that involves the application of one or more chemicals that help accelerate cell renewal. Depending on the depth of action of the chemicals used, peeling can be superficial, medium or deep. Its immediate and visible effect is (shallower or deeper) peeling of the skin, whereas its long-term effect brings skin regeneration and stimulates the production of new collagen, as a result of which the skin becomes moisturized, the wrinkles, discoloration and other defects dissapear.

Medical peelings, otherways known as acids are substances with a low pH which are applied to the skin in order to accelerate the renewal of the epidermis. Acids deeply exfoliate the epidermis, cleanse the pores, and improve the condition of the skin by stimulating collagen production. Peels are a convenient form of dealing with many dermatological problems such as skin aging, discoloration, wrinkles or acne lesions. These treatments are minimally invasive, simple, safe, and have been used in dermatology and cosmetology for decades. Chemical peelings can be used regularly, help in caring for the health and condition of the skin.

For whom.

People should opt for the peeling:

  • with the first signs of skin aging
  • with fine wrinkles
  • with acne
  • with acne marks (scars, discolorations)
  • with seborrhoea
  • with enlarged pores
  • grey and sallow skin

What does the treatment look like?

After examining the skin, the cosmetologist applies the appropriate acid preparation to the surface of the skin. Piling is selected according to the type and phototype of the skin and the prevailing problem. The procedure is painless, the patient may only feel a slight pinching or burning of the skin. Then the preparation is neutralized or washed off the skin and soothing cream with UV filter is applied. After the treatment the skin may be slightly reddened, but the patient can immediately return to full activity. Peeling usually appears on the 2-3 day after the treatment and lasts 2-3 days. It is then necessary to intensively moisturize the skin with appropriate dermocosmetics and use UV filters.

The result

Beautiful, brightened and illuminated skin with less visible pores. Reduction of acne changes, brightening discolorations, hydration improvement. A series of treatments is recommended, performed at equal intervals selected by a specialist.

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