Cellulite - treatments and cures

What is cellulite exactly?

It is nothing else than abnormal distribution of fatty tissue and its unnatural overgrowth. It most often appears on the thighs, especially on their back side, but also on the buttocks, abdomen area or even arms. Recent studies show that up to 90% of women over the age of 25 have a problem with cellulite.

Interestingly, cellulite can be present even in physically active bodies. Physical inactivity is only one of the possible causes of the appearance of unwanted orange peel. The appearance of cellulite is influenced by hormones – mainly estrogen, genetics, or a sugar rich and unhealthy fats rich diet. Patients with cellulite are often times struggling with pathological accumulation of water in the body. This is due to the fact that pathologically oversized fat cells block the flow of intercellular fluid, disrupting the metabolic cycle.

Specialists divide cellulite into 4 degrees:

  • the first is visible only by squeezing the skin with two fingers – the skin after squeezing is slightly lumpy.
  • The second degree is characterized by skin changes visible after squeezing, which look like orange peel.
  • the third degree of cellulite is visible without squeezing the skin, with larger volume lumps.
  • The fourth degree is an advanced stage that includes a large number of undulations, the skin is tender and causes soreness when touched.

Determining the degree of cellulite will allow you to plan actions that will prove effective in the fight against this condition.

Do not forget however the importance of proper diet and physical activity while in treatment. Aesthetic medicine offers many treatments to help fight cellulite, which facilitate and accelerate the process of getting rid of this problem. These treatments require regularity and patience – be aware that cellulite can be overcome, but only with proper commitment.

Treatments offered in mClinic:

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