Dilated pores - causes, treatments and cures

When are we talking about enlarged pores?

Each one of us has smaller or larger pores on the skin, this is a physiological phenomenon. Pores have a secretory function – they drain sweat, sebum and unnecessary products of metabolism. They cannot be therefore completely removed from the skin but they can be made narrower and less visible. Excessively enlarged pores are a common problem in the dermatologist’s office – they are a symptom of excessive activity of sebaceous glands which results in excessive production of sebum, skin shining and blackhead forming tendency.  Wide pores can be present throughout the face or in the so-called T-zone, this includes the forehead, nose and chin. Sebaceous gland disorders most often affect people with combination of oily and acne-prone skin.

How to deal with them?

Paradoxically, wide pores are one of the most difficult skin defects to correct. The irregularities are not large, but they usually cover a large area – for example the whole face and that is why they are difficult to eliminate. Skin that is prone to enlarged pores often times returns to its original state after a single treatment. You should be aware that getting rid of wide pores is not always entirely possible because the problem is determined genetically, by hormonal balances.

Wide pores and sebum overproduction is a chronic and recurring problem so it is important to devote an appropriate amount of time and commitment to this defect. In this case it is extremely important to trust the therapist performing as many treatments as necessary to achieve the best aesthetic results. It is very important to combine spa treatments with proper home care, which will additionally inhibit excessive sebum secretion, and thus will reduce skin shine.

Fortunately, regular and wise treatment and application of treatments reducing wide pores as well as application of additional care dedicated to a particular skin type will allow to keep the skin in good condition and eliminate the problem of wide pores.

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