Double chin - eliminating treatments

Where does this problem come from?

Obesity, hunchback, genes, or even sleeping with the head raised high are conducive to the appearance of a double chin.

Most often, chins are inherited from our parents. When genes are responsible for its formation, it means that it is made up of fatty tissue. This fat (called brown fat) is stored by the body as a reserve for a “black hour” and is therefore very difficult to burn. Brown fat cells are made up of many fat droplets of different sizes. In comparison, white adipose tissue, present in other parts of the body, consists of cells containing one large fat droplet surrounded by a thin layer of cytoplasm.

It also happens that the second chin has a mundane cause – humping. Not without significance is also the condition of the skin itself, as it can sag over the years, creating the impression of a second chin.

How do I get rid of it?

If all attempts to get rid of the second chin through changes in diet, workouts and lost weight do not work, or you need to see a change much faster, aesthetic medicine can be of help.

Today, chin liposuction is not the only way to get rid of unwanted fat from the facial area. Visible and highly satisfying results can be achieved by undergoing effective and non-invasive treatments available here at our clinic. Consult with a specialist in order to choose the ideal therapy.

Treatments offered in mClinic:

Aptos threads Volumetrics Secret RF Maximus Trilipo
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