Dry Skin

Why does the skin become dry?

Dry skin of the face and body is a very common problem that accompanies virtually all of us – regardless of age and sex. The water level in the body is extremely important. On the surface of the skin there is a water-lipid mantle – a protective layer of the epidermis that fights against harmful effects of all external factors. When it becomes damaged, the skin loses its protective barrier and becomes less resistant to damage. 

Hydration is a very important factor in functioning of both the skin and the body. All processes in our body occur with the participation of water. The appropriate level of skin hydration affects the firmness and elasticity of the skin, it supports intercellular transport and enhances immunity.

Factors such as UV radiation, wind, environmental pollution, or temperature fluctuations contribute to skin dryness. All these factors lead to faster skin aging and accelerate the formation of wrinkles. Taking this into account, proper care of dry skin is extremely important. It should be remembered that home remedies may prove to be insufficient. In the interest of proper hydration level regular treatments dedicated for dry skin are advised. They will allow you to restore the appropriate level of hydration.

However, it is worth remembering that dry skin can be caused not only by water deficiency, but also by lipid deficiency. Dry skin is more easily irritated and reddened, and this has a negative effect on its appearance. First wrinkles appear because of dryness. This means that taking care of proper hydration of the skin (not only dry skin) is the first step in all anti-wrinkle treatments.

The goal of treatments dedicated to dry skin, is to nourish and hydrate the skin. Moisturizing treatments bring more elasticity to the skin and lower their its irritability levels.

You should however consult with both: a cosmetologist and an aesthetic medicine doctor before any hydrating treatment. Only that way can you have a well selected treatment corresponding to the individual needs of your skin.

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