Hair loss treatments

Hair loss is a very common problem associated with the life cycle of the hair:

the phase of growth – the phase of dying – the phase of falling out.

We lose about 100 hairs every day and it is a physiological norm, when this number is higher we can talk about excessive hair loss. There are many reasons for hair loss. Many factors affect the disruption of the hair growth cycle, e.g. premature discontinuation of the growth phase, and in some cases passing straight to the hair loss phase, which is why detailed medical and trichological diagnostics are so important.

Factors that may contribute to the weakening of the hair condition:

  • the period after pregnancy
  • withdrawal of contraception
  • use of drastic weight-loss diets
  • iron deficiency anemia
  • alcohol abuse, improper eating habits
  • inflammatory conditions, fungal infections
  • medications: cytostatics, retinoids, interferons, beta-blockers, anticoagulants, cholesterol-lowering drugs
  • cancer, unbalanced diabetes
  • male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia)
  • stress, neurosis, depression

There may be many reasons for hair loss, therefore it is extremely important to check what is happening ‘from the inside’. Performing the appropriate tests ordered by the specialist will help to better adjust the therapy, which, in turn, will give the expected results. Depending on the nature of the problem we can help in solving it by using platelet rich plasma therapy containing growth factors stimulating hair follicles or using scalp needle mesotherapy treatments – selecting preparation containing the most valuable nutrients. Both methods are completely safe and effective.

Treatments offered in mClinic:

Angel System platelet rich plasma Mesotherapy of the scalp
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