Skin discoloration treatments such as laser

Skin discoloration is a common problem among patients. It is the result of overproduction of melanin (skin pigment) that appears on the skin in the form of light/dark brown spots and freckles. Diagnosis of hyperpigmentation requires to look into the internal causes (including endocrinological), gynecological, medical, cosmetic, lifestyle, etc. The most common pigmentary disorders of hyperpigmentation include:

  • freckles – small, light brown spots occurring on the face, arms and neckline of people with a genetic predisposition. Freckles become more visible in the summer months and fade in the winter.
  • Ostruda (melasma) – irregularly shaped spots appearing on the face and neck, mainly in women (90%).

The most common locations are the forehead, temples, and the skin above the upper lip. The spots can be light or dark brown in color. Female sex hormones and exposure to the sun play a great role in their formation. Most vulnerable to this are the patients who are pregnant, using hormonal contraception or hormone replacement therapy.

  • Lentigines – these are brown round or oval spots, single or multiple appearing on the face, backs of the hands, forearms in people exposed to prolonged UV radiation or in the elderly.
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) – is dark or light discoloration with an irregular, asymmetrical shape. They can be clustered or diffuse. They occur mainly in people with a darker skin phototype. They may occur after skin lesions (acne, inflammatory changes), skin injuries (burns, trauma), after cosmetic procedures (chemical peels, laser treatments), after lip area depilation, during the use of photosensitizing preparations.

Hyperpigmentation is a very big aesthetic problem for many people and a source of complexes. Fortunately, modern aesthetic medicine provides access to advanced technologies that can help deal with this problem.

Due to the strong influence of UV radiation and the tendency to increase the lesions in spring and summer, it is necessary to use all-year-round sun protection. This prevents the appearance of new lesions and the intensification of existing ones.

The choice of treatment method depends on the type, location, size and depth of hyperpigmentation, as well as on the patient’s skin type. The treatment plan is selected by the doctor for each patient individually at their first visit.

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