Dr Anna Telenga

I am an internal medicine specialist and an aesthetic medicine doctor. I graduated from the Medical University of Warsaw with honours. I am a graduate of the Postgraduate School of Aesthetic Medicine of the Polish Medical Association and a graduate of the first edition of a comprehensive training series of the Allergan Medical Institute. I have been growing my skills in aesthetic medicine since 2013, completed numerous certification trainings and courses. I am a member of the Polish Society for Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine – PTMEiAA.

One of the most important things for me in my job is a holistic approach to health and aging. My interests circulate around preventive and anti-aging medicine. I specialize in hyaluronic acid skin revitalization and face modeling. What is most important to me is bringing out the dormant beauty, while taking care of the most natural effect possible. After all our health is just as important as beauty.

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